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This theme was originally inspired by the great magazine style themes of Brian Gardner and Darren Hoyt. I took those elements that I liked the most in every theme and combined them together in one single theme.

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If cash is on the low side and you’d rather go the free route then Mimbo is one of the top free magazine-style themes I’ve seen out there.

Electric Sheep Film Club, Podcasts, Events | Archive for Radio...

Koji Wakamatsu: Sexual politics and political sex

The “Ordinary” Celebrity and Postfeminist Media Culture Erin...

Rather than arrive at a singular definition, Gill suggests postfeminism is best viewed as a “sensibility” shaping a range of media texts around multiple “themes or features.

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Interview With Xavier Mendik |

We talk to Xavier Mendik, organiser of the Cine-Excess festival, which mixes academic conference on all aspects of cult cinema and screenings of films at the ICA (London), May 1-3.

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Pro Theme Design Forum " Mimbo Pro and auto Dispatch. Carousel Issues Continue. Started 7 months ago by scrollspeed Test Kitchen This will remove the mimbo is_home() conditional variable and james morrison show the carousel.

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when i started blogging – about two years ago – I kept beingamazed at how manygreat WP themes and plugins were by divinity students.. Thanks Kelvin – great to hear that Mimbo helped make the St Mary’s site a success!

My Shocking Story Albino Island on TLC is Sad, Sad, Sad

. skin tone is a ridiculous separation device. “Human” doesn’t mean some people are dogs and some people are rocks, and some people are trees. Human means 2 arms, 2 legs, a brain, some sex organs and upright walking.